expected by the discriminating American waterfowler. Rusty has produced excellent puppies. His pups are stocky, attractive labs with pleasing tractable dispositions.  Rusty comes from proven genetics. Rusty has the confirmation of a proper Labrador—square head, defined stop and broad muzzle, flat ears, sleek muscular body and thick tail.

Pigeon River Labradors Rusty                   "Rusty"                                                                Weight: 74 lbs.                                        June, 2004


Rusty is a dominant Chocolate with a stately appearance, best described as a focused, all-business retriever. Rusty offers a most pleasing calm temperament in the blind, field, or around the home. He is a fine lining lab with qualities of marking, ease of handle, excellent nose and superb speed making Rusty an excellent retriever of both waterfowl and upland game. His ability has  proved effective in the ice-covered wetlands and on rivers of Michigan as he has made repeated retrieves over ice tracking numerous cripples with amazing speed and accuracy without regard to the challenging conditions. He has the heart and drive